Our products

MILETA is one of the most important European manufacturers of handkerchiefs, shirting fabrics and batistes. Above all the production of "Handkerchiefs" and "African Batistes" has a long tradition. The relatively new production of shirting fabrics, created exclusively by Italian designers has been extremely successful on the International market and became a significant part of our production. The "Table Linen" and "Bed Linen" lines suit perfectly all needs of the hotel and restaurant industries.

Shirting fabrics

A team of Italian designers has assured the overwhelming success and high quality of our recently introduced shirting collection, now being exported worldwide. All articles are made from the finest combed long-staple cotton in single or two-ply yarn, and are available in easy care or non-iron finishes. We have established a special export division "ERBA ITALIA" www.erbaitalia.ch in Gallarate, Italy for West-European customers. The collection lines ERBA BLU, PRONTO STAGIONE, CICLAMINO, COTTONOVA are particularly appropriate for those customers who can't afford long delivery terms.


As far as handkerchiefs concern we have everything you want, wish or dream about. Made from the finest long-staple cotton, with poly-atlas, atlas, faggoting, zigzag or hand rolled hems, enhanced with printed or embroidered logos, trademarks and initials, with softened, aromatic, long-life antibacterial or stone wash finishes, wrapped in all kind of boxes, bags and other covers - that's just a taste of everything we can offer. Following the newest fashion trend, we have developed a new material composition of silk and cotton especially suitable for neck scarves. Soft finish and the variety of designs and colors helped to introduce this article worldwide.

Bed linen

Our selection includes white, color-woven, dyed, printed, dobby and jacquard bedclothes and meter goods in cotton and polyester/cotton for home and industrial use. The large color palette and the variety of designs satisfy even the most demanding customer. All fabrics can be delivered in 140 and 160 cm width in filling-white, standard-dyed and other finishes. As a part of our service we weave, embroider or print custom trademarks and designs.

Table linen

Mileta’s trendy and functional table linen are made exclusively from selected long-staple organic cotton. The high quality of the yarns, the solidity of the dyes made with indanthrene colors and the advanced finishing technology we use guarantee that our products have the maximum duration and resistance to frequent industrial washings. We offer a complete line of tablecloths, napkins and meter goods in the most common measures. All articles can be customized by applying embroidered, printed or weaved trademarks and patterns. The wide range of designs and colors as well as our flexibility allow us to satisfy the world market demand and to meet any customer's requirements.

Mileta Casa

Mileta Casa is focused on modern household and all around it. A team of Italian designers oriented on the world market guarantees the top quality and up-to-date of our collection comprised of bedclothes, towels, napkins and tablecloths in season-oriented designs, motifs and colors.

Batistes and voiles

For years, Mileta has been one of the leading manufacturers of batistes and voiles especially for the African market. The variety of colors, designs and special effects is overwhelming. Our articles are produced in long-staple combed cotton, polyester/cotton, cotton/lurex, cotton/effect-yarn and other materials in the most common widths and all possible finishes.

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